Husqvarna z254 Reviews – 54″ Zero Turn Mower

Forget the other Husqvarna z254 reviews! In this Husqvarna 54-inch mower review, you’ll discover why this zero turn lawn mower is the ultimate lawn mower… Due to its capabilities, you can use it for large multiple acre lawns. Plus, it also makes a great asset for any lawn care service.

Husqvarna z254 Reviews – Features

Ready Start Equipped

Ready Start Equipped

Ready-Start Equipped

The z254 Husqvarna zero turn mower offers a automatic choke system to provide simplified starting with no user input required under normal starting conditions.

Zero-turn radius

The Husqvarna’s zero-turn radius capabilities make it a highly efficient lawnmower. After all, not every lawnmower out there is zero-turn whether they claim to be or not. What you’re left with is an inefficient mowing experience and a messy lawn. Husqvarna quashes that with their zero-turn maneuvering for the ultimate in mowing efficiency.

Air Induction Mowing Technology

Air Induction Mowing Technology

Cooling fan and air filtration

Much like a cooling fan on a PC’s CPU, the Husqvarna z254 features a robust fan that improves mower performance by drawing air to the bottom of the deck, allowing for better grass movement, and ensuring a better-looking job done. Meanwhile, the engine’s new air filtration system also increases airflow, prolonging your mower’s life.

24 horsepower Briggs & Stratton engine

The 24hp Briggs & Stratton V-twin endurance engine is more or less the gold standard in lawnmower engines of this class. If you know mowers, you know Briggs & Stratton is the engine behind a host of well-made lawnmowers, and this Husqvarna model is no exception.

Reinforced Steel Cutting Deck

Reinforced Steel Cutting Deck

Reinforced cutting deck

The 54-inch cutting deck is reinforced with steel, making it super durable, which allows the blades to function better and with less worry.

New features

Two of the best new features Husqvarna has added to this new series are the rear engine guard, which adds an extra layer of durability to your mower, and the auto parking brake system, which makes for great peace of mind if your land has a lot of rolling hills. (No pun intended.)

Get More Details on the Husqvarna V-Twin 724 cc Zero Turn Mower, 54″ Here

z254 Husqvarna Review – First Impression

husqvarna z254 reviewsThe first thing I noticed visually about this Husqvarna Zero Turn Mower was that it had a very sturdy look to it; by that, I mean it didn’t look like it was going to tip over easily. We do have some gentle hills in our yard—nothing steep, but at the same time, you want to be safe while mowing. The z254 offers amazing stability.

As far as operation goes, the clutch is easy to use, which reduces fatigue and annoyance. I enjoyed using the Husqvarna more than I’ve enjoyed using any other lawnmower so far. While it’s superficial compared to the efficiency and mechanics, I think it’s important to note, because comfort and operation experience are part of what makes or breaks the overall usage experience.

I haven’t noticed any problems with the cutting deck. In my experience, the fan works like a beast and easily blows away any grass buildup. I also feel confident that the better airflow will improve the longevity of this zero-turn mower. If you’re on a budget, I believe this zero turn lawn mower will last you a good while.

Husqvarna 54 inch Zero Turn 26hp: Pros

What to like about the Husqvarna 54-inch mower:

  • LED lights on the bumper
  • Ergonomic control panel
  • 24hp engine maximizes power
  • Electric clutch
  • Integrated, maintenance-free transmission
  • The four rollers are anti-scalp, providing a better mowing experience.
  • Spring-assisted deck lift system for convenience
  • Accessing the top of the cutting deck is super easy.
  • Zero-turn radius
  • Superior air filtration in the engine
  • Giant cooling fan keeps your mower healthy and working great

Husqvarna 54 inch Zero Turn 26hp:Cons

What to consider:

  • Some have experienced issues with the cutting deck, like buildup of grass and other lawn debris or having to constantly maintain it. Grass buildup is an issue that can be expected with a lot of mowers, so it kind of comes with the territory. However, if the cutting deck breaks down, it’s more likely you got a defective model, in which case it should fall under warranty. But remember that warranties have their limitations so always read the warranty as soon as you buy any product—not just this particular mower—just to ensure your warranty is valid. As long as your warranty is valid, Husqvarna will work with you on fixing the issue. And even if you’re no longer under warranty, contact customer service—they might be able to offer some helpful solutions to your issues.
  • You can’t cut horizontally on a sharp slope. However, it’s important to note that most mowers aren’t designed to do that. This shouldn’t be a problem for most people, as most don’t have very sharp angles in their yards, but those who do should seek out a model that is made specifically for that sort of thing.

What Comes With Your Husqvarna z254 Zero Turn Mower

The Husqvarna 54-inch mower comes with a 12-volt battery which is necessary for operating the lawnmower. As a consumer, I love this, because it’s so frustrating having to track down the right battery.

Warranty information

The Husqvarna z254 comes with a limited warranty, which essentially means you have to follow the warranty guidelines to make a claim. Some things you may do may actually void the warranty, so always read warranty guidelines to ensure your warranty remains valid.

Husqvarna 54″ Zero Turn Mower: Concluding Remarks

I’m happy to recommend the Husqvarna 54 inch Zero Turn 26hp to anyone who has a fair bit of acreage to cut and needs a mower that can make the job go quicker. One of the big selling points for me was the Briggs & Stratton 24 horsepower motor; that was the motor that was in my last mower, and it was a good one. While you can still find other Husqvarna z254 reviews, just know that the that the zero-turn radius and sturdy yet easily accessible cutting deck make this a great lawnmower for homeowners who value efficiency and durability.

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Solid Choice

This is my second Zero turn mower and represents an upgrade from my 9 year old Troy Built. It is quick, responsive, agile. Not especially fast on the straightaways. Not especially quiet. Good controls, easy to reach everything.It's nice not having a separate parking brake. It's nice removing the plate to blow off the deck. Pretty comfortable seat and ride. So it won't blow your mind but you will get your money's worth (assuming it is as reliable as advertised, I have had the mower for a month)

Great Mower

Got this mower last year and wished I had it years earlier. Had a 42" riding mower that took about 1 hour to mow a flat 1 acre , this mower takes only 35 minutes and gives a smooth clean cut.The handles turn the mower very quickly, so be careful or it may tear up the lawn. I practiced in the driveway first and glad I did. The only down side is it took an act of God to get the first oil change done. I would recommend reviewing a YouTube video on how to change the oil and Filter. Make sure you have a good small oil filter wrench or you won't get the filter off.This is a loud machine so use ear protection.I would definitely buy again!

It Is A Beast

I have been mowing 4.6 Acres with a regular rider for 15 years and decided to make the change to a 0-Turn Mower. After alot of research I decided on the Z254 and I couldn't be happier. Not only have I cut my mowing time from around 8 hours to about 3 1/2 but the maintenance is so easy on this mower. Zerk fittings in all the important places to prevent wearing out of components so fast, the removable floorboard and the deck wash system tie it all together. Well thought out rig!

Great Mower!

I have close to 3 acres and had been relying on a 15 year old John Deere for the last three years. This mower has cut (pun intended!) my mow time from 3 hours to 1. This is a great mower, solid, fast, turns on a dime. Next step is to install the mulch kit.

1.25 Acres, Lawn - No Brush

The mower runs and mows great. It is a little difficult to keep straight at first and takes a little practice. Make sure the bolts in the control arms are tight otherwise the arms get out of alignment and the mower is more difficult to keep straight. When I was reading the reviews prior to purchasing, several other owners mentioned noise, not starting, lack of fuel gauge, fuel consumption, and hills as issues. So I wanted to provide my take:1. Noise: It is definitely louder than my neighbor's John Deere. But I do not use ear protection and no issues. You can hear someone when they are within 5 ft or so of the mower. I will measure the sound levels and post at a later date.2. Not starting: I noticed that the control bars have to be in the outward position (I believe this is the parking brake position) with little deviation. If the bars are not in correct position, the mower will not start.3. Fuel Gauge: Yes, a fuel gauge/ indicator would be helpful.4. Fuel Consumption: Estimate 1/2 to 3/4 Gal per acre mowed.5. Hills: We have one area with an incline of approximately a 2 ft drop on about 8 ft to 10 feet horizontal near the bulkhead. This equates to about 14 to 11 degrees respectively. The specs say that the mower is good for 17 degrees but I can tell you that traction is not good and this incline was too much for me. I will not take the mower on that area again. I understand that this is probably an issue with all Zero Radius Turn mowers. If you have hills, I would consider another mower type.

Solid Mower

I have used the mower twice so far this year and have to say I really like it, the low center of gravity, easily accessible controls and the power are all points in its favor. I am very happy with it.

Great Mower For You Wife

I am disabled and my wife takes care of our ranch, she mows with her new Husqvarna about three acres of it. She has had an old zero turn mower and wanted a new one. She has had a good time on it, and is very thankful for her new Husqvarna.

So Far So Good....

Great mower so far i cut 1-1/2 acres and love it. Some people complain about it throwing grass everywhere. I don't think its that bad at all it just really mulches the grass so finely that it does blow around some. The 26hp motor is a little loud for some people I'm sure. Overall, I love it so far.

Good Mower

Have no previous experience with zero turn mowers, takes a little time getting used to steering controls. After about 30 minutes had a pretty good command of it.Added the mulching blades because of the size of the new yard and is working great as long as you half lap your path to re-mulch the clippings. Unit is powerful and makes fast work of 1 acre of lawn and 1 acre of native grass area. Has not disappointed.

This Mower Is Great.

I love this mower. The only bad thing is you don't know how much gas is in it. I just top it off every time I mow and its fine. I also got the bagger system for it. It is really easy to stop and dump the three bags and start mowing again. 5 stars in my book.

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